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Fitness Equipments

Health/ Lifestyle Products  I Recommend

Products I use for Fitness & Life

Product Recommendations: Welcome

Electric Full Body Massager 69.99$

Handheld Full Body Percussion Massager for Pain Relief, 6 Speed with 6 Massage Heads (Black)

Product Recommendations: Welcome

20.99$ Waist trainer from AMAZON

Here is the link!

I've used a lot of different kinds of waist trainers, and this is by far my favorite one! I use this waist trainer, mainly for cardio. It doesn't come undone or roll and stays in place.

Product Recommendations: Welcome

Workout Crop Top From Amazon

Not going to lie this shirt was a little confusing at first but once i became smarter then the shirt, it fit very well and very stretchy. I like to pair this with high waisted leggings or a pair of big sweat pants!

Product Recommendations: Welcome

$69.99 Small Airfryer From Amazon

Small, cost-friendly Air fryer. Recommend if you are only cooking for one person.

Product Recommendations: Welcome

Airfryer Combo From Amazon

I recommend  for family style cooking or if you want to meal prep for the week. Mainly caught my eye because it has 7 different cooking options including dehydrate!

Product Recommendations: Welcome

Dumbells -20lbs- From Amazon

With Covid-19 it's hard to find workout equipment, so the easiest place for me to find it was Amazon, who has affordable quality Ive owned rougue before and these are not far off!

Product Recommendations: Welcome

Food Scale From Amazon

Easy to use, inexpensive.

Product Recommendations: Welcome

Bluetooth Weight scale from amazon

Super easy to use, you can download the app.

Product Recommendations: Welcome

vaginal health supplements from amazon

I personally use this and give it a 10/10, helps get PH in balance so no issues occur with vaginal health.

Product Recommendations: Welcome

Pressure cooker / Rice cooker / SLOW COOKER from amazon

Makes meal prep super easy when cooking with meat, and makes meals more flavorful.

Product Recommendations: Welcome

Booty bands from amazon

The best deal doesn't have a designer name, but is the most cost-friendly and doesn't roll or slip!

Product Recommendations: Welcome
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