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Why do I keep talking about seasons of fitness?

**2014-- 2015--2019--2021**

In every period of life I was in regarding fitness I attributed to the "season" of fitness I was in.

All throughout life are interests change. One month we may love skinny jeans, one way may only wear leggings. Your interests may go from the type of clothes you wear or style, to the type of shows you watch based on what's currently going on in your life.

Well for me, like I've briefly mentioned in previous blog posts, I have dabbled into various health &fitness routines depending on what events were happening in my life and interests I had at the moment.


I was 21 years old and lived in Vegas. What did I decide to do for my 21st birthday? A bodybuilding show? Sounds normal right? Truth is, this was the age I had major trauma in my life. I felt weak and defeated. I chose to partake in a bodybuilding show, mostly to prove to myself I wasn't a weak woman just because bad things happened in my life.

I to this day look back at the person I was in this picture and am proud... I am proud that I had a goal and accomplished it no matter what obstacles were in front of me. I was dedicated, motivated, and ready for being a bodybuilder for a whole lifetime.... Until I wasn't.

I learned a lot about this fitness style that many people don't realize... It is mentally and emotionally taxing not just physically. Sure I was absolutely in love with the fact that for the first time in my life I had abs.. But for what cost.........?

No friends.. no social life.. and no Doritos? @ 21?

*** This season of my fitness journey is called

BODYBUILDING/STRICT DIET SEASON.. I appreciated it but don't miss it. I learned a lot about training and a lot about how my body reacts to training.

Don't get me wrong I also grew a huge appreciation and respect for people who were dedicated to bodybuilding and making it a year round thing. But when training for my second show, right BEFORE I found out I was pregnant I realized I don't have to be a bodybuilder to love health and fitness.

I was young here and cared way to much about what people thought of me to change my season of fitness so after my first show and a whole state change later.....

*** 2015***

When I moved to Florida there was a short phase where lifted heavy and cared zero f**** about my diet. I was that girl who said "I worked out so I can eat whatever," as she shoved a pepperoni pizza in her mouth.

To be completely transparent with you all.. I hated my body in the picture to the left. I was so disappointed in myself that I wasn't training for something and that I used excuses to make myself feel better. Although I had great knowledge of health and fitness and what I needed to be doing to accomplish my goals, I didn't ever take any steps to accomplish them..

This season of my fitness journey is called


I'm not the only one, I know that there is someone, somewhere who can relate, right?

Shortly after this season I tried to train for another show, but my heart wasn't in it and my son came shortly after...

{I Juuuuust want to mention..

When I found out I was pregnant I was 135 pounds (Im 5'8), when I gave birth to him I was 210 pounds..}

Post partum kicked in, and after a year or so I got back into the swing of things and started to get my health back on track..

--- Fast Forward to my next season---


Post baby, post divorce, Crossfit & Macro Season

This season I dabbled in CrossFit via YouTube.. mostly because it consisted of quick workouts at high intensity and I no longer had 2 hours in a day to dedicate to the gym.

I would say at this point in my life, I was the happiest with my body and my training/eating regimen..

This season of my life I wont forget because I learned how to adapt.. I learned that I needed to workout for my mental health and that I could get it done in less than 30 mins.

As I mentioned in previous blog post in 2020 I had my gall bladder removed... and the pandemic happened duhh

My health and fitness was at a standstill while I did WHAT????

Complained about by digestion issues, COMPLAINED about gaining weight and COMPLAINED ABOUT NOT WORKING OUT..

Then hit the season we are currently in folks...




This Picture was taken last week on 3 February 2021.