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Starting Fresh With Intermittent Fasting.

I just started intermittent fasting 2 weeks ago and wanted to share some things I have learned along with my routine and tips/tricks.

Lately, there has been a lot going on in my life including a lot of trips and traveling. We all know when you travel it is very difficult to stay on a consistent regimen, causing unhealthy choices and bloating!!

I wanted a eating schedule to hold myself accountable as well as counting my macros on my fitness pal. I feel in control and am able to plan around events and meals with friends!

Before I dive into my routine and tips lets talk BENIFITS/ THINGS THAT GO ON IN THE BODY:

1. Insulin levels drop a significant amount which in turn facilitates fat burn

2. Blood Levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) may increase. Having high levels of HGH not only facilitates fat burn but muscle growth as well.

3. During your fasting period you are drinking a lot of water and your body is removing waste of the cells.

IN SIMPLE TERMS= You give your body a chance to fully digest before putting more junk in and you begin to burn fat.

MY ROUTINE- 8 Hour Eating Window;16 Hour FAST

There are different ways to fast and different ratios. I personally have starting eating in a 8 hour window and fasting for 16. Do your research and do what works for you and your lifestyle.

I will normally break my fast around 12-1pm, and begin to fast again around 8 or 9pm depending on the days activities. This schedule works for me because I like to do my workouts fasted in the mornings.

If I know there is a late dinner on the schedule I will push to break my fast around 1 or 2pm.

I have officially been fasting for a little over two weeks and have lost two inches off my waist from being consistent with my macros and my fasting times.

I drink coffee and tons of water and overall I feel good and not bloated. I am more aware of what I am eating and my portions and I feel in control.

I have had a few questions asking if I drink alcohol. If you know me you know I enjoy a glass of merlot or cab. I am human and did drink in these two weeks, I just make sure to TRACK IT!! All of it!


  • There are other ratios but the 8;16 is just what fits my lifestyle. Don't copy someone else just like you don't copy other peoples macros!! Everyone is different. Experiment and figure out what suits your lifestyle the best.

  • When I first started, I was constantly drinking black coffee in the morning before it was time to break the fast. It helped me in having something other than water during the fasting time.

  • In the beginning, stay busy!!! After a couple of days I got used to not eating till the second half of the day.

  • TRACK YOUR MACROS. I know there are a whole slew of people who can fast & eat absolutely anything during the eating window and still burn fat but that isn't usually the case with most individuals. Take your eating window as an opportunity to be mindful of if the food you are intaking is calorie dense or macro dense. You are in control and its not a diet. When I want a cookie I eat one!!!! I just make sure to track.

  • Take before pictures, and don't weigh yourself everyday!!! I recommend weighing yourself once a month or every other week if you have to. Your weight is going to vary, especially in the beginning depending on how your body reacts. You are drinking so much water that it can affect the scale too, if you are not normally a person to drink a lot.

  • MEASUREMENTS INSTEAD!!!! A measuring tape is less than 10$ on amazon!! I have a link for it in the products recommend tab above.


* I will post my results in a month from now so you all can continue to follow along with my results.

I do provide 1:1 coaching online which includes a review of your macros!

If you need accountability and direction send me an email on the contact me tab for more info on what I provide and pricing.

(Picture below and up top to the left are from today June 15th 2021; picture above in middle was from Feb 2021.)


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