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SNACK HACKS; Healthy Snack Ideas


1. Peppers & Hummus

2. Energy Balls (oatmeal, honey, flaxseed, peanut butter, chocolate chips)

3. Yogurt with bananas and granola inside

4. Cucumbers & hummus

5. Cucumbers with Salt & Pepper

6. Rice cakes and almond butter with raisins or crasins on top

7. Protein shake- protein ice-cream with whatever toppings you want

8. Lara bars- minimal ingredients (found at most grocery stores/Target)

9. Pretzels & Laughing Cow cheese wedges

10. Green peppers with low fat cream cheese & seasoning

11. Snack quesadillas w/ Gluten free tortilla or equivalent & vegan cheese ( I like Violate)

12. Homemade Kale chips (actually way better than you would think)

13. Apples, almond butter, and raisins

14. Cheese and lunch meat rollup

15. Boiled eggs

16. Celery with peanut butter or almond butter

17. Avocado wraps- your favorite lunchmeat wrap in avocado and salt and pepper

Curb your hunger before THE HANGRY KICKS IN:

Not sure about yall but, what I know the MOST about my self is when I am absolutely starving, my desire to eat something healthy goes out the door. I was busy at work all day and had no time to eat anything other than a protein bar, its dinner time and I am hungry something fierce, you think my first thought is a healthy salad? That’s 100% a negative for me! Can you relate? Life is busy and before you know it your stomach is telling you it’s time to feed it. When you think about it, doesn’t it seem way harder to fight unhealthy decisions when you’re feeling like you haven’t eaten in 134029 days?

I like to describe it as the feeling of blacking out to hunger and next thing you know you are eating a massive meal with no veggies and all the carbs. No shame because your starving and haven’t eaten any calories allllllll day so you need it along with a large sundae right?

Instead of being so fixated on a diet or your calorie intake, how about just eating a snack every couple hours and giving yourself some brain power for when someone tries to throw a double cheeseburger and large fry in your face for dinner? Stop restricting yourself to a point where you are actually so hungry that unhealthy food is all you can think about.

For me, intuitively eating has been a game changer. Is everything that I eat 100% healthy?.............. Absolutely not, but I try to snack on mostly healthy and nutrient dense foods. If I happen to be craving an unhealthy snack.. I eat it and just make sure it’s not a trend for the remainder of the day.

I have noticed when I am up to par on all my snacks for the day, I am less likely to gorge out on a ridiculously fatty meal I know I will regret later. I know people say don’t eat if you’re not hungry. While in terms of emotionally eating, I agree would agree however, for this matter that is not exactly what I am insinuating.


What I am saying is be proactive in your nutrition and fuel your body BEFORE it reaches a point where you are so hungry you are nauseous BE PREPARED:

I will attest to the phrase, “preparation is key.” I always have snacks on hand no matter where I go. If you carry a purse or backpack anywhere, just make sure it’s filled with healthy fillers like protein bars, nuts, trail mix …. Something you can always munch on.

If you know you will be somewhere during the day for long periods of time ie work, competitions, shopping, try and bring substantial snacks that you know will curve your hunger in case you can’t get a meal for a while.

Prep your snacks like you would your meals, chop up veggies cut up fruit and ration out everything in little baggies so all you have to do is grab n go. Protein bars, and snack bars are a good option however, try to prep snacks that are fresh because you are more likely to eat those when an unhealthy offer arises..

What I mean is: If I have fresh peppers and hummus or fresh fruit cut up, I am less likely to except an offer that comes in for an unhealthy snack because I am prepared and spent money on a snack I don’t want to go to waste…

You get me?


Be prepared so you don’t regret the bloat later or upset stomach later…..

Research; Pick your poison:

If you are reading this and saying to yourself “I don’t know of any healthy snacks,” or “ I’m bored of this healthy snack,” Get your butt in that google search engine and begin researching something you will like. ORRR Create a snack with ingredients you know you will like.

Healthy doesn’t always mean it has to be done a certain way.

If you are someone who normally snacks on candy, chips, and chocolate when you are hungry or bored trade it in for a healthier option. Doesn’t have to be a bag of broccoli.. Just healthier than what you are used to..

Instead of the candy cause you are craving sweet, throw in some yogurt with a couple chocolate chips inside. Instead of chips, make some kale chips with salt..


What I’m saying is… you know yourself better than anyone, so figure out what you like, find your healthy alternatives and be consistent in implanting those snacks instead of your choice of unhealthy snacks.

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