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Updated: May 3, 2021

Weight isn't a reliable measurement of Health

Sure there is a measurement of BMI, but it doesn't take into account physique or stature. BMI is more so a GENERAL measurement using height and weight. Not sure about yall, but I am more than my height and weight... Just sayin.

Unfortunately, hard work in the gym and dedication in the kitchen isn’t always reflected on the scale for new exercisers, especially during the first few weeks. But the key is not to get discouraged and to be patient.

The second you decide to step on the scale as a form of measurement to your progress, you run the risk of getting tunnel vison and subconsciously define your fit worth by the scale and need to be validated by it...

Sounds a bit dramatic but when you think about it, its a terrible unhealthy cycle.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

You can be a 5'7'' woman weighing 150lbs and healthy/fit, just the same you can be 5'7'' weighing 150lbs and extremely unhealthy with a high body fat percentage.


I will use me as another example..........

LEFT- JAN2021 RIGHT- May2021

^^^^^^^^ GUESS WHAT?

I am the exact same weight in both pictures, but my waist is about 4 inches smaller on the right and I lost fat in my legs and gained muscle!

Stop Measuring your success by the scale because we all know it is just straight up discouraging.

So you have been working your ass off for the past month or two and the scale doesn't move..


Well the answer is because you are losing body fat while gaining muscle, its as simple as that. Pay attention to inches and how your body looks and feels not to a NUMBER.

I know that this is easier said than done. I especially preach this to my friends, family & clients because I have been a victim of the scale shaming me for many years.

My advice to you is to set aside a day once a month and take progress pictures and measurements and log them!!!


Pay attention to :

  1. Water intake

  2. Calories in vs out

  3. Weight lifting progression


  5. Cardio endurance progress

  6. Measurements

  7. Progress Pictures

NOTTTTTT THE SCALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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