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5 Fitness Finds under 20$

Below you will find some items I have recently gotten to help me on my fitness journey.

Cute, Comfortable, Cheap Crops workout Top With Built in Bra!


I can't stand having a tight bra and tank top to workout in. These two tops are so extremely comfortable that I bought both styles in multiple colors.


The good thing is, you can wear as a workout top or an everyday top. Both of these tops I purchased in Large. I am 5,8 160 pounds with a chest measurement of 34.5. I probably could of gone down to a medium but I like to have room for the back fat to breathe!!

Measurement Tape


If you have been following me for a while now, you know I am a firm believer in measuring progress with measurements rather than the SCALE!!

Purchase this item and measure your progress once a month.

** If you signup for a mariagllyfit personalized program I will ask for your measurements throughout the process!! Most of the ones I have had in the past have been a pain to deal with. This one is so user friendly & retractable so you don't have to hassle with it getting tangled.

Rogue Jump Rope


Listen up. If you don't have any source of cardio equipment at home I highly recommend getting a jump rope!! Does not have to be this one, but this is just my recommendation because this one is super durable and adjustable.

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