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3 Ways to Combat Gym Blues

If you are reading this right now, you might be telling yourself you are always motivated to go to the gym or do a workout, if this is you, you are lying!

As a human, you will naturally have days where you are extremely motivated, along with days that you just want to crawl in a ball on the couch and binge watch Greys Anatomy.

It's important to remember it is absolutely okay to allow yourself to experience both.

Now, in order to make sure you're not taking advantage of unmotivated days and making it a habit, you need to be prepared when you feel the gym blues or gym funk coming............


When I know I am going to have a busy week filled with daycare drop offs, class, and errands, I either make sure I plan my workouts for the week or join some sort of workout challenge/program.

Just like meal prep, making a workout plan for the week, will keep you prepared and less likely to stray when you take the time to make/buy a plan to stick to for the week or the month.

You might already have a workout split aka a regimen of when you workout certain muscle groups throughout the week and that’s definitely what I am encouraging here but not just that alone.

The next day you are meal prepping for the week, try prepping your workouts for the week and get an idea of how workouts and what workouts will work with your schedule...

OR get a plan.


You will feel like you have a commitment when you have it on paper and will be surprised on how motivating it is after a long day to already know what your workout is.

Aside from workout plans/programs I make for everyone else, I too do this for myself. For me being a human in the adult world and making decisions all day its nice having something already planned for me that I just follow.

2.Partner Up

This obviously goes without saying, but there are some people that prefer to workout alone.

While I feel the same way in certain moods, during a phase where I feel like I am in a workout “funk” or have the workout “blues” its incredibly helpful to have someone else holding you accountable.

A lot of times I ask people to meet me at the gym or workout with me not only because I enjoy it, but because I know me, and I don’t like letting people down. If I commit to someone for a workout I will be there no matter how long or tiring my day is.

So if you are one of those people who has issues being consistent with workouts because of busy days, I encourage you to find a partner that you would genuinely enjoy consistently working out with.

3. Find an Incentive

A lot of people use food as an incentive to workout, and although there is a lot of mixed opinion on this, if it works to get you started, do it.

If you don't have any motivation to workout but have a hankering for a delicious chocolate chip cupcake you might tell yourself once you knock out a kick ass workout you can eat the treat.

Again there are some people that will knock me on this, but hear me out.

If you have no motivation to workout and the only thing holding you accountable is the fact that you want to work for a treat do it.

At the end of the day you know you are going to want a treat no matter what, so isnt working out in order to treat yourself is better than treating your self and not working for it?

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